Optional U-Haul Insurance Coverage Information

U-Haul’s optional insurance:

Liability coverage

Liability Coverage. Most personal policies and credit cards do not cover rental trucks, so we highly recommend opting into U-Haul’s damage protection plans. Prior to picking up your vehicle, we suggest that you verify with both your credit card company and/or your auto insurance representative to find out if your rental truck is covered. If not, don’t worry, U-Haul offers two types of liability coverage options: Safemove and
Safemove Offers:
Damage waiver Selecting this option eliminates the need from paying U-Haul back for any damages to the moving truck if anything happens during your trip. So, if you dent the side, crack the windshield, or break a side view mirror, you don’t owe U-Haul a penny. If the moving truck is stolen, then you’ll need to prove there was no neglect on your part to be covered by the damage waiver. Sound too good to be true? Here’s the drawback, Safemove does not cover collisions with overhead obstacles (the most common accident amongst customers) or cut, blown, or damaged tires. You’ll need to select the Safemove Plus option to cover these items. Cargo coverage This covers damage to your goods should you get into an accident, catch fire, or hit a windstorm and overturn the moving truck. Cargo coverage cannot be claimed if your property is damaged in transit due to poor driving or packing. Additionally, cargo coverage is subject to a $100 deductible and a limit of $15,000 for an in-town rental and $25,000 for a one-way rental. · Medical and life coverage U-Haul’s medical coverage isn’t extensive, but they do offer $1,000 for medical bills in case of an accident. In case of death, life coverage goes up to $25,000 in coverage for the lessee and up to $15,000 for passengers.
Safemove Plus Offers:
Everything covered by Safemove is covered by Safemove Plus, but two significant additions make Safemove Plus a must-have in our eyes: · Supplemental liability insurance: If you’re in an accident with another vehicle and you injure someone or seriously damage their property, then you’re liable for that damage even if U-Haul covered your moving truck, property, and medical bills. Supplemental liability insurance is the best way to protect yourself from any lawsuits that could be brought against you after an accident. U-Haul’s supplemental liability insurance offers you one million dollars and no deductible. We highly recommend going with Safemove Plus for this added protection. · The damage waiver for Safemove Plus covers all damage to your U-Haul truck, including collision with overhead obstacles and cut, damaged, or blown tires.

How do I file an Insurance claim with U-Haul?

Because an insurance company handles U-Haul’s liability coverage, their claim process is very similar to that of auto claims. If you’re in an accident with another vehicle or you damage someone’s property, you should exchange information, file a police report if needed, call for medical assistance if necessary, and take photos to document the damage. Report your claim right away to U-Haul through their online claim portal, and a representative will reach out to you to guide you through the process. Since each claim is handled on a case-by-case basis, it’s hard to review U-Haul’s turnaround time on claims. Still, the more information and documentation you’re able to provide up front, the better. · Charges for Damage to vehicle: The single most important thing you need to remember when booking a U-Haul truck is that before driving away in a U-Haul Vehicle, we encourage all of our Customers to perform a close inspection of the vehicle. Whenever you rent a vehicle from any rental car agency, in order to protect yourself from any discrepancy over damages on vehicle prior to and post rental period, please do this: prior to leaving the rental car agency parking lot, individuals with smart phones, we encourage you to take a video around the vehicle to show the exact condition of the vehicle prior to departure.

Your U-Haul truck rental reservation guaranteed!

Whether you're renting a one-way truck rental or a local truck rental, you get the equipment, location and pick up time as agreed or we will give you $50. Bottom line Assessment: The affordability of U-Haul is undeniable. We recommend U-Haul if you’re on a do-it yourselfer, on a budget, flexible with your moving date and especially if you’re moving a short distance. If you are doing a long-distance move, who doesn’t mind navigating to roads on their own, then U-Haul is still a great choice as long as you feel comfortable handling a large truck across highways you may not be familiar with. We thank you for taking the time to review this information. If you are in the process of evaluating U-Haul affiliates, we welcome the opportunity to serve you. If you’ve used U-Haul services from Rob Roy Storage, we thank you and ask if you could please assist us by offering your feedback on how we did. You can Leave us a comment on the U-Haul website portal which is offered with each digital closeout receipt, or drop us an email at staff@robroystorage.com. Sincerely, Rob Roy Storage Management.